my dog won t stop peeing in the house

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Dog Urine Burning My Lawn

I have urine burn in my lawn up and down the sidewalk... and I don't ... and some where it's made no difference at all -- it won't hurt your dog, and it MIGHT help your lawn! ... food and that's supposed to help stop the urine from burning the grass. .... Dog Lifting His Leg and Urinating on Things in the House ! ...

House Training

If a dog knows thats it's house, they won't mess in it. ..... It took my dog who had this problem about a year to stop chewing up stuff. ...

Friend's Cat Has Been Urinating/defacating on the Floor

To get a cat to stop is tricky. I have 3 male cats all spayed and declawed. .... I never had any problems at my house with my cats, but Rocky after the 3rd day ... out of town company visit for a few days and we had recently taken in a dog. ... It won't be so prone to mark territory, especially if it is a male cat. ...

Cats Ruining Our Carpets!

Oct 13, 2009 ... So if you are using this mop I would stop using it and see if that was the problem. .... Just put the dish somewhere so the neighbors won't think you are strange and the ... My husband had animals in the house before I met him ( dog, cat, .... My Cat Is Peeing in Other Places Besides Her Litter Box! ...

Please Help!!!

Other posters gave you great ideas I agree with baby proofing Gate off areas of the house where he shouldnt go like the kitchenand keep the dog and it's ...


:P My oldest dog is going in for surgery to have a tumor "debulked" for the .... My problem is, even though I'm not near the house, I can't get the smell ...

I Can't Seem to Get Away from This!

Since I used it my dog stopped peeing on the mattress. .... This shouuld help with the stains but I don't know what to do to get them to stop. Good luck! ...

Potty Training a "New" 2-Year-Old Chihuahua Doggie

My dogs were trained with these. Don't let your dog on the bed, teach it to sleep in a pet crate. .... Limit the area of the house the dog can visit. ...

My New Kitten Refuses to Use Liter Box

But not on mine, by the way she is totally my dog, she likes hubby but she adores me. .... Next question: Help! Older Cat Won't Stop Marking MY TERITORY! ...

Cat Mad at My Daughter?

My cat reacts the same way. She dosen't mind the baby so much (although she ... She did stop acting out after a while. She was cutting up plants, peeing on ... She still steers clear of the dog and will avoid any room the dog sleeps in. ..... There are cats that can not be house broke. ... Cat Won't Use Litter Box ...
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