my daughter cries about everything

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4 Month Old Happy Baby Cries Terrribly While Being Rocked Every Night

Jun 25, 2009 ... We tried everything, but he still cried every time he went to sleep for naps ... My daughter never cried at all. My son would always cry. ...

Toddler Who Constantly Screams and Cries

My daughter would have out-of-the-blue meltdowns that were so bad I thought she was ... If the only time he gets attention is when he screams and cries, ...

Separation Anxiety 8 Month Old

Aug 24, 2009 ... I take my 8 month old daughter to play in child watch at the gym while ... 1215 months like my daughter did Now she cries for any member of ...

How Do I Deal with My Child Acting Out After a Divorce?

I went through the same thing 6 years ago, my daughter is now eight, ... NOT LOOKING AT ME PURPOSELY WHEN I TALK TO HIM, CRIES OVER EVERYTHING, ...

My Baby Cries All the Way home..anyone Else?

Sep 1, 2009 ... Baby Cries During Car Ride ... Convertible Car Seat for My 7.5 Month Old Daughter ... Baby Cries While Riding in Car ...

Help with My Daughter's Uncontrollable Behavior!!!

Read all 14 responses: "My daughter's behavior is getting worse no matter ... throws temper tantrums over everything cries kicks screams throws her hands up ...

Daughter Crying at School

Read all 11 responses: "My daughter just started kindergarten this year and ... Two days after school started i found out that she cries at lunch time and ...

7 Mo. Old Waking up Same Time Every Night, Cries for Almost an Hour???

My daughter went through phases similar to this (she's now 18 months). .... I tried everything and rarely fed her or gave her milk in middle of the night. ...

Diaper Rash Question

My 19 month old daughter has a really bad diaper rash, so bad she cries when ..... My 11 month old just had the worst diaper rash and I tried everything. ...

Lead Paint Blood Work Test

Everything was negative but it is a precaution that is better taken sooner ... My daughter cries every time she has shots and she barely batted an eyelash ...
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