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Does Your Child Do Any of This?

N.M. asks from Washington DC

My daughter Michelle just recently turned one. I understand all kids grow and develop differently, but we are starting to get worried about her. Whenever you pick her...


My Child Is "THAT" Child.

L.K. asks from San Francisco

As I've mentioned before, we are really struggling with my 6 year old son. His behavior is impacting the classroom and I'm concerned. My son's issues are complex. He ...


Only Child

T.C. asks from Phoenix

My little Ella Bella, who will be two at the end of August, is going to be an only child. I just recently started an hourly, drop in day care. One of the main reaso...


Motivating a Child

S.W. asks from Philadelphia

How do you motivate your child to make good choices?


Loss of a Child

C.O. asks from Boston

are there any other moms on here that have a lost a child at a early age????


Does Your Child Have Dyspraxia?

S.G. asks from San Antonio

My daughter was just diagnosed with dyspraxia....if you have a child that has it...can you let me know what activities you are doing at home, and how effective therap...


Advice for Only Child

R. asks from Chicago

does anyone have advice for raising an only child? lately i have been feeling quite overwhelmed with my child's (5 y.o.) demands etc. any words of wisdom would be h...


Benefits of Having an Only Child?

J.S. asks from Detroit

I'm looking for advice from anyone that has an only child. My husband is adamant about only having one child and giving him the best future possible. I am not compl...


Child Support

B.T. asks from Des Moines

Just wanting to know - how is child support calculated and what are all of the factors involved? Thanks!

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