my child refuses to do school work

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School Bus Problems

i didnt read the part about private schooling my school district is gibert .... If the school refuses to work with you then you need to find a school that ...

Daughter Being Bullied at School

My thirteen year old daughter is being bullied by a girl at her school This ... that things dont always work the same for each child So how about a list ...

What Testing Are Public School Required to Do??

It has been 6 years since I took my child out of public school. ... was that if your child is truly ADD/ADHD the medication will work otherwise it will have ...

Class Work Help

Aug 29, 2009 ... Now my son has had 8 ear surgeries in his life an yes he does also have hearing loss in both ears He has struggled with school every year ...

My Daughter Does Not Want to Do Her Homework

Even in school a teacher doesn't expect a child her age to sit and work for 3 ..... I can tell my son something a hundred times and he won't do it or try it ...

CPS Won't Let You Delay Enrollement If Your Child Has a Birthdate Before Sept.1

Sep 29, 2009 ... I havent read all the replys but I can tell you thisI work for CPS ... What school do you go to My son is 4 and has already had a year of ...

Does My Child Need Early Intervention Evaluation?

Does My Child Need Early Intervention Evaluation. I have a 13 month old boy who can point to several objects we name like light door window mama dada ...

School Problems

off school grounds in 2 answersthe school cant do much when the problem ... that wont let people do me or my child bad i would fix it and if it didnt work i ...

Pre-K School Wants to Call My Daughter Another Name!!

Aug 23, 2009 ... It seems disrespectful to both you and your child to refuse to use the middle name. ..... by in Elementary school, why would they refuse to do this. ... by my first name, I know it's either a work call OR someone trying ...

2 Year Old Refuses to Sit in Tub

Hi A., my daughter is 22 months old, and she also doesn't like to sit in bathtube, .... how to clean bath toy · teen refuses to do school work ...
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