my child is mean to other kid

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Seeking Advice on Dealing with Mean Girls..

I'm noticing my daughter picking up these mean behaviors towards other friends and I .... my child were behaving in such a mean manner towards other children. ..... to my kids that there are children out there that arent mean or brats. ...

Should I Hold My Child Back a Year Before Kindergarten?

All the other kids were dating and driving before me. My dad didn't want me ...... She may not be "outstanding" in some areas, but that doesn't mean she ...

Sensitive Sons Feeling

One of my boys, and every kid his age I have ever met, even overseas, has been mean. It is the way they are. They always insult each other. ...

Help! My Child Hates the Child I Babysit For

At first I thought my son was just being mean and didn't want to share but ... He has an older brother and gets along with every other kid he's played with. .... I'm guessing the other child is also an only child. My first 2 boys have ...

Help Me Discipline My Kids!!

With the birth of my 3rd child my Mom knew I was having problems getting the .... I record it so we can see it anytime My girls are amazed at how other kids ...

Difficult Neighbor

My neighborhood has a good number of kids in the 5-8 age range. ... way I will raise my child is to include everyone or no one If someone is acting mean and.

Mean Little Girl

And the kid is nice and well-behaved with all of the other kids in class. ... This made my 15 y/o act mean to younger kids when she played with friends because "that's how ... How to Deal with a Neighbor's Child Who Isn't Always Welcome ...

Problems with My Niece and My Daughter

Oct 21, 2009 ... Also, in those "moments of conflict" with my kids-I'll give them the calm information .... My niece was being mean and excluding my daughter. .... I know that you and your sister must love each other very much, and she needs to .... Advice for Disciplining Neice When She Puts My Child in Danger. ...

My Friend's Child Is Horrible

Oct 10, 2009 ... I dont mean to be rude but for the sake of your child act .... same as mine so our kids could see each other Unfortunately then the 2 kids ...

Should My 3 Year Old Be Writing Letters?

Just have fun and don't compare him to other kids. ... And just because a child writes at 3, while cool, doesn't mean that child will always write well. ...
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