my 3 month old is fussy

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12 Month Old Fussy

Read all 6 responses: "My 12 month old has become increasingly fussy the last couple days and there ... Seeking Advice on Temper Tantrums with My 3 Year Old ...

Fussy 13 1/2 Month Old

Fussy 13 1/2 Month Old. So my son has always been a fussy, feisty baby. .... Seeking Advice on Temper Tantrums with My 3 Year Old ...

Feeding a Fussy Toddler

Does anyone have any suggestions for feeding a fussy 16 month old boy. ... (Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) ... My first son ate everything you put in front of him and my second son skipped baby food all ...

First Plane Ride for My 3 Month Old Son

First Plane Ride for My 3 Month Old Son. I will be traveling by air on the 18th and I am very nervous. My son will be 3 months old on that day. ...

14 Month Old Is VERY Fussy

14 Month Old Is VERY Fussy. So -- I posted something a month or so back about our son getting more .... Seeking Advice on Temper Tantrums with My 3 Year Old ...

2.5 Month Old Not Napping During Day; Is Fussy and Looks Tired

My 2.5 month old son does not take naps during the day, but he will get fussy and look tired. He used to take a nap randomly for say 1-2 hours, ...

"Help" My Girl Is Really Fussy for No Reason That I Can See.

My 18 month old son is also in a fussy stage. .... Hang in there...believe me it can get worse around the 3 year old mark, believe me, especially with girls ...

Fussy Feeder and Not Napping Long Durring the Day

Read all 24 responses: "My 3 week old baby started to become fussy while I am ... but my first son (4 1/2) has excellent sleep habits and my 6 month old ...

3 Month Old Is Tired and Not Eating Much.

Jun 20, 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "my 3 month old has been sleepy alot today and ... him again and he would suck like 3 or 4 times then get fussy again. ...

Help! My 3 1/2 Month Old Is an Insomniac!

My 3 1/2 Month Old Is an Insomniac! My daughter will be 4 months old next week. ... She gets incredibly fussy when she's tired and is difficult to console. ...
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  • la leche league in 3 answers "Hi L., Try and find a La Leche League group near you to help with the breast feeding."
  • sons first plane ride in 2 answers "Well, my sons first plane ride was at 5mo.. Just make sure you have the stroller ..."
  • during take off and landing in 2 answers "... Little ones sometimes have problems with ear pain during take off and landing."
  • his ears dont pop in 2 answers "Give him a pacifier so his ears don't pop that way he shouldn't cry as much and bring ..."
  • talk to a lactation consultant in 2 answers "But I will say that if you can talk to a lactation consultant, do it, and right away."