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Cesarean Section Pain (C-section) Please Help!

It does sound as if you may have pulled a muscle in that area! ... You can apply heat to your lower abdomen to help with the pain and take Advil (if you ...

Muscle Aches During Pregnancy

Aug 20, 2009 ... Does anyone have any good suggestions for relieving muscle aches during ... She got me through my first pregnancy pain free and I am ...

Remedies for Tailbone Pain

I still have some muscle pain but was given excercises and stretches to help keep everything in place and to keep the muscle corrected. ...

Ear Pain Relief

I give him Tylenol for the pain but was wondering if there was anything else I ... muscle pain relief · lortab pregnancy · plugged ear from ear infection ...

Sever Joint Pain!!!! HELPPPP

I have severe joint pain and the doctors don't know what is wrong. ... if I eat any wheat/gluten I get a lot of muscle and joint pain. if blood tests don't ...

Gallbladder Pain During Pregnancy

Read all 3 responses: "I am 12 weeks pregnant and I started having pain ... Then the next few days it started like doing spasms kind of like a muscle spasm. ...

Chest Pain Seems like Its Around My Heart

A pulled muscle - Gas (believe it or not, gas is the most common fake-out for ... I felt the pain around my heart area, but when I explored with my fingers, ...

Pain in Insicion 2 1/2 Years After C-section

I am experiencing pain that is very new to me! ... A hernia is a weakness in the muscle wall. Sometimes, after surgery, a weakness will develop at the site ...

Knee Pain

I just strengthened the muscle surrounding my knee, and changed shoes. and its all better! So maybe your knee pain is just a way of your body telling you ...

My Son Complains of Abdominal Pain When He Runs....

When I drink orange juice I get an intense pain in my stomach for a few ... Running around can cause muscle cramps. Also - my six year old complains of a ...
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