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Speeding up Labor

I did lose my mucus plug two days later & went into labor two days after that I dont know if the castor .... Sign up now to personalize your experience here ...

Mucous Plug????

Call your doctor...sounds exactly like the mucus plug to me. The doctor will most likely want ... But it is a sign that birth is near! Congrats. Helpful? ...

Labor That Didnt Go as Planned..

... morning and that night i started getting steady contractions Part of my mucous plug came out that ..... Sign up now to personalize your experience here ...

2-3 Cm Dilated- Can I Hold off on Going into Labor?

If you haven't had contractions, it's probably a good sign. .... With my middle child I lost my mucus plug, dilated to 4 cm at 20 weeks and she was still a ...

Fetal Movement

Oct 6, 2009 ... due to not having enough space, it can also be a sign of low fluids. .... Alot Going on at 33 Weeks: Lost Mucus plug...decreeased Fetal ...

"Seeking Cold Remedies for Babies Under Two Years Old"

They both have mucus trapped in their heads. ... I get the Vicks vapor plug-in and put that in their room along with the humidifier. ..... or "bluish" coloration are signs of respiratory distress (they are having difficulty breathing). ...

Need to Know About Difference Between Braxton's and Real Contractions

I guess other than your mucus plug or fluid leaking, you'll have to give it time to find out. .... Sign up now to personalize your experience here. ...

Bleeding Durning First Tri-mester

No cramping is a great sign. Some woman still continue having "periods" while pregnant. ... with my first two - except the mucus plug at the very end. ...

Advise... My 12 Month Old Has Cough and Runny Nose

SudaCare makes a nighttime mentholated plug in that is wonderful, you place the ... Yellow mucus is a sign of sometype of infection. I wouldn't play around, ...


L.S. asks from Charlotte

ok so this is my 3rd child BUT first time not being enduced (sp) I believe I have lost my mucus plug. I am at 36wks, my first son was born at 38 and second son at 37...

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  • can lose your mucus plug in 2 answers "... body is preparing to go into labor, I believe that you can lose your mucus plug ..."
  • vicks vapor rub in 5 answers "Some relief remidies: Vicks Vapor rub on their feet, then but socks on for bedtime."
  • losing your mucus plug in 2 answers "My baby was born at 36 weeks and was just fine. Losing your mucus plug does not ..."
  • saline drops in his nose in 2 answers "You should also put saline drops in his nose and then use your aspirator as you seem ..."
  • braxton hicks contractions in 2 answers "To tell if I was having Braxton Hicks contractions, I would jump in the shower or ..."