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S.D. asks from Phoenix

I have had a severe deep bruise on my leg for 4 months now in which it is keeping a dent in my leg. Dr. suggested to get MRI on it. Would that really indicate the da...


MRI Safety

J.M. asks from Jacksonville

Has anyone heard of not being able to be in the same room with someone that is getting a MRI due to having a C-section in the past? The reason I ask is because yest...


MRI For My 1 Year Old

A.W. asks from Sumter

My one year old has been having a lot of difficulty walking. He walks, but often will run into walls and looses his balance and falls a lot more than you would expect...


Hand Swollen After Having an MRI w/Contrast

K.F. asks from Nashville

On Friday, I had an MRI w/Contrast. The IV was in my hand. My hand and part of my arm are swollen. I spoke to the Dr on call yesterday. He said to watch for redness a...


My Doc. Advised Me to Do an MRI for My Baby

V.M. asks from Louisville

hello, my baby is 16 month old...he is little hypotonic...his neck muscles are weak...he didn't meet his motor milestones.but his all other activities are very ...


Waiting on MRI Results...

R.F. asks from Minneapolis

I had an MRI last night after several months of increasingly more severe headaches, lightheadedness, etc. I am looking for reassurance/insight so I am posting here, ...


MRI Guided Breast Biopsy Questions

J.S. asks from Chicago

I am scheduled for a MRI guided breast biopsy tomorrow. Has anyone had one and can you tell me your experience with it? How is the pain afterward? Can I return to nor...


Anestesia for a 7 Year Old for an MRI

B.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, my 7 year old dughter needs an MRI to know if she had a inuterus stroke or a brain malformation (something really mild). I am super nervous about this procedure b...


4 Year Old Getting an MRI with Anesthesia in Portland , Or

E.M. asks from Portland

Hello moms, My four year old girl is going to get an MRI. As she is pretty young (and they've let us try it without anesthesia first which didn't work :-( she will...


Being Closterfobic (SP)

S.D. asks from Hickory

Is there anyone here that knows how to deal with this. I have always been this way but today I was to go and do an MRI and half way into it I freaked out so bad that ...

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