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Free Kids Music Downloads

I have limewire on my computer, it is free to download to your computer. Most of the audio to download is mp3. You can type it in the search on limewire and ...

help...mp3 Player

onto the mp3 player in 2 answers "... a favorite CD he can download the music from your computer onto the mp3 player ..." ...

Where to Download Music Besides iTunes?

You can just search Amazon mp3 and you'll end up in their mp3 store. The other place I've bought mp3s from is Rhapsody, but I think you have to download the ...

I POD, MP3 Help!!

Last Christmas I got my 6 year old daughter a mp3 player, it eneded up going back! We replaced it with the Ipod shuffle, very simple to download music on ...

MP3 Players for Kids

I wanted an Ipod but decided to go with MP3 until I learned how to do it. Just remember a 99cent song download is still cheaper then a $15 CD that you only ...

Does Anyone Love Their MP3 Player? Need Advice Please!

Windows Media player easily downloads music and playlists onto the mp3 player. One of the features that I like is that it has a voice recorder. ...

Question for iPod Users

apple uses a different format for their music files. they use mp4 instead of mp3 . so if you download free mp3's you cannot put them on your ipod unless you ...

Need Great Songs for My MP3 to Workout To!!!

Can you tell me your favorite songs/groups and maybe aI can download some. ... My MP3 workout list is very diverse. I really enjoyed hearing "Fergalicious" ...

Advice on White Noise Machine

You can download all kinds of sounds and regulate the volume through the mp3 player... and get an endless variety of sounds! Good luck! Helpful? ...

Need Help with Birthday Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girl

If your niece has an ipod or some MP3 player, get her a card for downloads. Or a gift certificate for clothes somewhere. My daughter is especially fond of ...
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