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How Old Is Too Old to Uproot Your Childrens' Lives?

E.T. asks from Orlando

I am wondering what age (of your children) is too old to uproot their lives and move? Do you think if children are under age 10, they will be okay with a move? Unde...


Need Experienced Arm Forces Mom to Give Advice

L.S. asks from Atlanta

My husband is thinking about going into the armed forces and I am really nervous. I have never been away from him for so long, and I kinda feel abandoned, and like a...


How Long Have You Lived in Your Home?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

The states question made me think about how many homes I have lived in! From the time I was born, until the time I moved out on my own, I lived in 12 different homes....


Living Outside the US

K.J. asks from Provo

My husband and I have both always had a severe case of the travel bug. We have talked extensively about wanting to live somewhere outside of the United States for a f...


Traveling Overseas with a 20Mth Old ( HELP)

S.C. asks from Stationed Overseas

We will pcs-ing to Savannah in the next month from Germany My 20mth old (toddler) Hasnt flown since he was eight months old and I am scared how he will take the fligh...


My Friend's Husband Is Leaving

W.T. asks from Stationed Overseas

My new friend's husband announced last night that he doesn't want to be married anymore. He moved into a friend's house after his announcement. This is sudden and une...


4 Year Old Refuses to Poop on Potty

J.Z. asks from Stationed Overseas

My daughter has had a rough road to being potty trained. She was fully potty trained at 2 years old but then my schedule was changed and at day care they said she re...


17 Yrs. Old Dating

S.W. asks from Greensboro

My son Lee wants to join the Marines and has been talking about it for a while now. I am open to what he wants to do with his life. I'm ok with his decision and want ...


What Would You Sacrifice for a Relationship/marriage?

F.O. asks from Los Angeles

What is worth parting with to keep a relationship, marriage in tact? Backstory: my ex-sister in law is feeling the wrath of MY divorce. She sold her house th...


Which Way to Go...

E.C. asks from Tyler

Okay , here's 14 years of a story in a nutshell. My husband is in aviation. I was too, when we met. After we got married, we lived in the US ( where I'm from) for a ...

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