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Worried About My Son's Development

Worried About My Son's Development. Am I just being an overly protective and paranoid mother here? ..... motor development · baby calculator ...

Random Question: When Do I Start Teaching My Toddler to Stop Drooling?

If there is any oral motor issues or low muscle tone, than they will significantly increase the delay of motor development. Check with your pediatrician ...

3 Year Old Development

Donna asked why I am so focused on my sons academic development, and that bothered me a little. .... Perhaps your son is developing his motor skills first . ...

Motor Tics Brought on by Stress

Sep 17, 2009 ... Motor Tics Brought on by Stress .... our family has been missing is the brain development part i feel this .... 21 Month Old with Motor Tic ...

Speech and Development Question

Speech and Development Question. Hi my son is 16 months old and is a ... we just thought he was more gross motor than fine motor By his 18 month appt there ...

I'm Concerned About My 9 Month Old Daughters Development..

motor development · 9 month baby · baby development week · 9 month old baby · babies development · development of baby · babies crawling · 9 months old ...

Early Intervention

Our ped at the time blew up off when I brought up concerns about delays in gross motor development. When I took her back to the NICU they evaluated her and ...

Where Should My Son Be?

So I have to wonder if he saw some other thigs that maybe weren't on the target age, like fine and gross motor skill development, that can affect learning. ...

Looking for a "Stop and Play!"

She loves all activities gross motor. We have taken Gymboree classes which are great, but a bit..." ... child care development · gross motor skills ...

15 Month Old Has Low Muscle Tone

HIPPO is great for trunk control as well as other gross motor development. Look into it. Ask your PT and your Pediatrician about facilities who offer it. ...
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