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Can I Use a Cousins Name?

Today my daughter told us that if it is a girl she would like to name it Regan Rae..." ... most popular girl name · middle names for kate ...

Spelling Baby's Name

The name we have chosen is Keira (which seems to be the most popular spelling). We are also considering spelling it Kiera (which is the direction we are ...

Help! We Still Don't Have a Name for Our Baby Girl.

Decide whether you like the shortened name as that will be the one you hear the most. As for not wanting one that's too popular, I have seen many Natalies ...

Baby Name Opinion

I work in a health clinic and Giovanna/ Giavanni is the most common name, ... I love the name Gianna. Im afraid its becoming a very popular name though. ...

Baby Boy Names

Also, we go to a website offered by U.S. government that tracks most popular baby names by year. ...

Help with Baby Name

Though, there may come a time in school when they will be reading about Tom Sawyer - then you will have the most popular kids in the class. My sister's name ...

Name the Same as Relatives?

To be honest with you, Cameron is a relatively common name right now in both my boys schools, but not as common as ..... jacobs school · most popular name ...

We Can't Decide on a Name !!!

You can go to the department of vital statistics for the state of Texas and get last year's most popular baby names. Avoid the top 5. ...

A Name for My Baby!!!

We also looked at the most popular list from the Social Security Administration and chose names that weren't too popular, since we have one child with a ...

Boy Name Suggestions

Neither of us wanted a popular name but we didn't want one that people would make comments ..... Most of my parents give 2 weeks pay for a Christmas gift. ...
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