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This Is Wrong Right?

Oct 16, 2009 ... I can't believe she is USING her kids for money. I just don't get some parents out there! I have a 6 year old and I would NEVER have her go up to a stranger ...

How Can I Get My Kids to Chew with Their Mouths Closed?

We have a jar that the kidsand hubby hehehe have to put moneythey use quarters from their allowance into each time they talk with food in their mouths or ...

Las Vegas with Kids

stay at circus circus in 2 answers always taken the kids to Las Vegas since they were babies Stay at Circus .... to make money for kids · a group of kids ...

Money Saving Tips

Clothing: I've been hitting up tag sales or yard sales for kids clothes. ... I' ve learned a lot about saving money recently since my dh is between jobs and ...

Giving Kids Allowance?

We personally only give money for things above and eyond. We have 11 kids and they are all expected to be part of this family and help it run so not so ...

Helping Your Kids to Think like Entrepreneurs

My son provides magic shows for kids birthday parties. He has an ad on craigslist. He pays for cub scout camp every year with the money he earns. Helpful? ...

Savings for Junior

Someone said to me long ago, you either have lots of money or lots of time to earn money. Most of us have more time than money and with kids, they have even ...

Do You Control Your Child's Money or Is He/she "Free" to Spend It All?

However, my kids do get money from other means and my son wants to spend it almost as soon as he gets the $$. (My daughter is the practical one! ...

Seeking Unique Idea to Give Teenager Money for Her Car!

Or you would have some money at each of the places she goes to. ... I know of parents who tell their kids, "As soon as you learn how to change the oil and ...

Where to Sell Kids' Clothes That Pays a Reasonable Price and Isn't TOO Choosy?

Read all 9 responses: "Where can I sell my kids' high-quality, ... But I need the money to buy new clothes! And asking $1.00 for a sleeper is not ...
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