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Discipline Auggestions for 5 Yr Old W/major Attitude!

Oct 29, 2009 ... Investments · Kids & Money · Major Purchases .... She does X, she loses Y. Instantly, no fuss, no pleading, no negotiation, no yelling from ...

What Do You Recommend for Colic? I Am Trying Different Formula Now?

Oct 26, 2009 ... The infant swing saved my sanity and stopped his crying instantly. .... gripe water called ColicCalm (it has a money back garentee, no ? ...

I Was "Skunked"

Investments · Kids & Money · Major Purchases · Recurring Expenses · Saving Money ... should instantly absorb the odor If that doesnt work then Im at a loss ...

Well Water Ruining My Hair!

Aug 4, 2009 ... Your water softner isnt working dont waste your money on one of them ... your might not be working I can tell instantly when we need more ...

Ear Infection: Did U Ride It Out or Get Antibiotics?

It instantly reduces the pressure in my head and improves how I feel when I'm sick so I can only guess it does the same for little ones based on mine's ...

When Did You Start Showing?

I had edema really bad and lost 30lbs instantly when I had my son but still that is a TON of weight! I didn't really start gaining that much until I got put ...

Any Mommies Out There Using the Drug Topomax??

Oct 21, 2009 ... Investments · Kids & Money · Major Purchases ... see my chiropractor when I have a migraine and instantly he gets rid of it, and also just ...

Sunburn Help

It does not smell the best, but almost instantly removes the burn. ... This is something that works and doesn't cost a lot of money. ...

Need to Get Rid of Awfaul Cat Pee Smell

Oct 10, 2009 ... The spray worked instantly. I spent 12 years and a lot of money, then I found this, (the spraying cat died too). ...

Breast Reduction

Investments · Kids & Money · Major Purchases · Recurring Expenses .... like mine my pain went away almost instantly but I still get back achesnot all the ...
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  • aloe vera gel in 2 answers "If not, I would recommend Aloe Vera gel which you can pick up most anywhere."
  • got his first ear infection in 2 answers "My son, who's now 2, got his first ear infection just before his first birthday."
  • natures miracle works in 2 answers "Nature's miracle works great. We have a cat with stress (spraying) issues and it ..."
  • from chronic migraines in 2 answers "Hi B., I too suffer from chronic migraines, I have had a permanent headache since ..."
  • ozone machine in 3 answers "I have not heard about the ozone machine, I am not sure how it will rid of any urine ..."