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Thumb Sucking

Ask a question, get advice from millions of moms ... Big 4 month old son found his thumb and has been sucking it constantly for a couple weeks ...

Getting My 3 Year Old to Stop Sucking His Thumb

Your son will have to wear the guard for 30 days, per instruction from the ... Most of the responses to a mom of a 5 year old sucking her thumb was to not ...

Toddler Sucking His Fingers Constantly

Oct 7, 2009 ... Ask a question, get advice from millions of moms ... My son started sucking his middle two fingers in utero-he was actually born w/them up ...

How Can I Get My 6 Year Old to Stop Sucking Her Thumb?

My son stopped at 8yo when he was about to start phase 1 orthodontics. .... I stopped sucking my thumb that day. In fact, my mom said she was in SHOCK, ...

Finger Sucking

I havent had to deal with it but my cousin's son sucked his 2 middle fingers for a long time He got pretty sick one time and asked mom why he felt so bad ...

5 Yr. Old Trying to Quit Sucking Her Fingers

He told her that she needed to quit sucking on her fingers because they will eventually ... ( my mom use to tell me I would have buck teeth) I never had braces. ... My oldest son had his appliance installed when he got braces at 15, ...

5 Year Old Son Chews on Blanket

I dont have any suggestions but my son who is 6 yrs old has chewedsucked the ... been firsttime moms more often than not but not necessarily youngmidlate ...

Trying to Lose the Pacifier

Oct 21, 2009 ... Read all 10 responses: "Hi Moms, My little guy will be 2 next month ... my son sucked his thumb like a fiend from the time he was about 2 ...

My Three and a Half Yr Old Daughter Is Still Sucking Her Thumb - HELP!

Ask a question, get advice from millions of moms .... My son just turned four and is still sucking his thumb particularly at night and when he needs comfort ...

Too Much Feeding?

Neither one of my sons lasted long between feedings, even on formula. ... My mom was big on giving them a little baby cereal in the formula not alot ... If he regularly is sucking dry a bottle of 7 oz, that likely means he needs more. ...
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