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Moms Group Ideas

E.S. asks from Detroit

It has been a long time since a group of us girls got together and had some fun.We have been so busy with the kids, husband cleaning cooking and working we forgot how...


What Would Be Your Ideal Moms Group If You Had to Belong to One?

C.B. asks from Tampa

I'm starting a Moms group in a few weeks in the Lutz/Land o Lakes, Florida area and have a great structure for the group so far but was wondering, if YOU were going t...


Play Group?

A.D. asks from Grand Rapids

Is there anyone interested in starting a play group? or does anyone know of any play groups that already exist?


Mom's Group

J.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Moms- Could everyone that was interested in getting together as a "mom's group" send me their email address? I will send you an invite to the Yahoo Mom's Group ...


Looking for Rockford Area Moms Group

S.P. asks from Rockford

I am looking for a moms group that I can attend with my 2 year old or by myself. I would love any and all suggestions for current groups or groups just getting started.


Mom's Group

R. asks from Chicago

First time mom (of 3 week old boy) looking to join or start a support group for young moms like me. I was hoping to be part of a fun group who could meet up occasiona...


Seeking Moms Group in West Palm Beach

C.B. asks from Boca Raton

iam searching for a play group for my 5year old and my 3 month old also just to have a night out we moms


Looking for a Really ACTIVE Moms Group.

M.W. asks from Houston

I am mother to a four year old son and I am looking to find a really active moms group in the Katy area. Does anybody have and experience with the ones out there they...


Mommy Group

A.S. asks from San Francisco

HI Mommies, My little guy is 8 months old right now and we currently belong to 2 mommy and baby groups. The problem is one group is for a little bit older babies who...

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