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Child Sucking Thumb While Eating...

My son who just turned 8 months has this strange habit of sucking his thumb while he eats. I've never really been a big pacifier mom and neither..."

How to Stop Thumb Sucking?

My mom sucked her thumb into her 30's when she was very upset. ... My son has really cut down on his thumb sucking (we need to apply every night, ...

Thumb Sucking 5 Year Old

My mom said that when my grandma wanted her to stop sucking her thumb she .... J My son sucked his thumb for a long time until he was 9 But not in public ...

How Can I Get My 6 Year Old to Stop Sucking Her Thumb?

My son stopped at 8yo when he was about to start phase 1 orthodontics. .... I stopped sucking my thumb that day. In fact, my mom said she was in SHOCK, ...

How to Stop a Thumb Sucker

I agree with the majority of the moms here If your son sucks his thumb to self sooth I say let him I was a thumbsucker until I was 5 and went to school Ive ...

Finger Sucking

I plan on using this if my son is still sucking his fingers next year! .... Don' t know that I have anything new to add that other moms have not mentioned, ...

Mom Seeking Advice on How to Wean 21 Month Old Son from Pacifiers

Read all 56 responses: "Hi moms. My 21 month-old son is still reliant on pacifiers. ... He never switched over to sucking his thumb either, thank goodness. ...

Finger Sucking

I havent had to deal with it but my cousin's son sucked his 2 middle fingers for a long time He got pretty sick one time and asked mom why he felt so bad ...

5 Year Old Son Chews on Blanket

I dont have any suggestions but my son who is 6 yrs old has chewedsucked the ... Im another Harrisonville Mom and I can commiserate with how hard it is to ...

Just Want Some Comments to Make Me Feel Better

Aug 31, 2009 ... My son sucked on a bink until he was 3.5or so There were many ... step at a time Youre being a great mom by caring so much about your sons ...
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