Mirena side effects

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Mirena vs ParaGuard

I then tried Mirena and LOVE it. No problems or side affects. I guess we are all different. I wondered why I waited so long with the one that was not ...


I have not used Mirena, but all forms of birth control for women scare me because of the side effects. A friend of mine was on the pill, and she suffered a ...

Mirena vs Implanon

Are there any side effects with the Implanon such as weight gain? Mirena does not make you gain weight. When I had the procedure done 6 weeks after I gave ...

Expirience with Mirena?

I have a Mirena and LOVE it! I have had none of the scary side effects that ... For the most part, the side effects of Mirena seem to be similar to those of ...

Need More Info About an IUD Called Mirena Recommended to My 18-Year-old Daughter

Oct 13, 2009 ... I used the Mirena for three years (lasts for five,) there were no side effects, I only got periods every 40-60 days, and it was so light it ...

Your Thoughts on Tubal Ligation Vs. Vasectomy Vs. Mirena?

(I got pregnant 2 weeks after getting it taken out...so if that is a concern..)I really liked mirena. I had no side effects. It was great! ...

Questions About Mirena

Oct 2, 2009 ... Im scheduled to have the Mirena IUD put in on Wed My neighbor has ... to normal3 6 mths I think ask your doctor The only side effects I had ...

IUD Birth Control for Nursing Mom?

Aug 23, 2009 ... Hi K I used the mirena for about 1 week I did not like it I should have done more research on it ... Mirena side effects · control pregnancy ...


Read all 6 responses: "Just wondering what people think of the Mirena IUD. ... Although you have to consider the side effects, but I haven't had any ...

Mirena Question

I have no proof, and my doc insists that there are no side effects, but I think my Mirena stopped, or at least really slowed my weight loss. ...
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