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Bowel Movements...sorry, Not Trying to Be Yucky!

My son had the same prob. when he was a baby. We gave him Miralax in his bottle. It is very gentle and works within a day or two. Helpful? ...

My Son's #2 Issues...

I do not like the Miralax, because it does not dissolve as well.. He has even gotten so bad that they were ... Best Baby Products for Mothers of Multiples ...

7 Mo. Old Great at Eating New Foods but Constipated Now

miralax used to be a rx only drug but now it currently being sold otc add 1 tsp ... age and miralax was the absolute only thing that helped him besides baby ...

3Yr Old Son Has Costipation Alot

Oct 3, 2009 ... Check with the doctor, but my daughter was put on Miralax for the ... constipation in 3 week old baby · miralax dosage for 4 year old ...


Hi S., I would recommend contacting your doctor and asking about Miralax. Our daughter was so constipated as a baby that when she tried to go I was crying ...

10 Months Baby Boy Having Blood Spotting in Diaper

I would check with your baby's doctor to rule out anything else. Plus, if you are nursing a good lactation consultant or local nursing mothers group might ...

3 Year Old with Constipation

Oct 13, 2009 ... OMG! she used to cry and cry poor baby! I promise this WILL GET BETTER! ... My 5 yr old did the same thing and it got so back hehad to have Miralax- an over ...

Need Advice on Getting Daughter to Go #2 in the Potty

Adoption · Baby Names · Baby Shower · Bringing Baby Home · In the Womb ... I now have her on Miralax which should really soften her up She's been on it for ...

4 Year Old with Constipation

They gave me a prescription for Miralax and said that it should make..." ... My 4 year old has struggled with constipation since she was a baby. ...


Sep 8, 2009 ... Read all 12 responses: "ok my baby will be 3 the day after ... her system back in line we have her on miralax Flintstones have alot of iron ...
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