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Bloated Stomach

He is still on Miralax, but I tell you I would rather him go a couple of times a day with ... 8) You could alway give her an enema to clean out the colon ...

Desperately Seeking Help for My Two Year Olds Problems with Constipation.

If it's a one time thing, you may want to do an enema (you don't want to do ..... We started on Miralax with my 4 year old son when he was around 2 due to ...

My 3 Year Old Son Will Not Poop--at All.

I would check with the doctor to see if he needs an enema to get it all out of his ... The Miralax helped, but he was on it for a few years while he was ...

Potty Problems

The Miralax works great. We were able to successfully potty train her now ..... He will turn the corner...just help it not to hurt (and the enemas do that). ...

6 Year Old Is Constipated and Pooping Pants

He too was put on Miralax, and if it got too bad we had to give him a fleet or a stool ... The one thing I found that got that ball out was an enema! ...

Toddler Constipation. :-(

After a 5 day cleanout: enema one day, suppository the next, 2 tbls of mineral each night for 5 days in a drink and the half scoop of Miralax she finally ...

Potty Training Problem

... and he's been on Miralax ever since Absolutely no pressure about going poop ... I dont see how enema is sadistic its safer than having a 2 yr old clean ...

Help Needed for Constipated Child

Give your son Miralax. You also might want to try suppositories. Finally, the thing that worked for us was warm water enemas. Yes, it is disgusting...we did ...

Constipation in 23 Month Old

The pediatric gastroenterologist had us clean her system out with enemas and laxatives for a few days. Once she was cleaned out we then started Miralax ...

2-Year-old SCREAMS with Bowel Movement/needs Help

Oct 29, 2009 ... We had to give him an enema for babies. .... Try miralax it is a stool softener safe for that age over the counter, increase her fluid ...
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