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My Daughter Is Constapated - HELP!

The pediatrician recommended Miralax powder mixed with her milk or juice. ..... They did a barium enema to make sure that everything was working the way ...


If she hasn't gone at all in more then 2 days in addition to the miralax I would go ahead and use a enema or suppository to help get things moving so she ...

4 Year Old Not Pooping - Complications with the Bathroom

We had to give her a child's enema (available at most pharmacies), .... My son was on Miralax for a while. It wasn't that he wouldn't go, it was just that ...

Grand Mother Needs Help to Answer a Question & Get Some Advice

The doctor told me to use at least half a cap of Miralax, but I only give him at most 1/4 a .... She had given him a baby oil enema. 7 YUCKY POO diapers. ...

2 Yo and Constipation

My daughter has had constipation issues and we have used miralax with much ..... I had to use the childrens enema with my son when he was around 1. ...

Benefiber Safe for Toddlers

Our pediatrician recommended Miralax - you can get it over the counter now, ... Myralax I would do on my own, but doubling the dose or enemas I would do ...

Potty Training for 3Yrs Old Toddler.

Also during that time I kept giving them Miralax and/or mineral oil to make the ... ago when she got constipated we ended up having to give her an enema. ...

Constipation in My Two Year Old

My 3 year old went through that for a little while and I used Miralax. .... and we ended up having to do an enema because she ahd an impacted colon. ...

"Scared to Poop on the Potty"

Aug 29, 2009 ... daughter We use Miralax on a daily basis however her issues with ... he does withhold it will takes days of enemas and stronger products ...


The OTC powder Marda is talking about is called Miralax and it works great. .... A warm water enema could be just as effective, but many moms are afraid to ...
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