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Watery Milk

My milk seemed to be fine at first but then I got the flu about a week ago and ever since my milk has been extremely watery (almost no fat content) and ...

Whole Milk Vs. 2% Milk at Age 1

Remember that whole milk is 4% milkfat compared to 2% or 1% in other varities. ... At such a young age I wouldn't worry about the extra fat in milk being an ...

Freezing Milk?

It was perfectly safe and it tasted much better than the fake stuff, but there were always tiny bits of milk fat that did not totally re-homogenize bakc ...

Milk Reaction in 1 Year Old??

Aug 28, 2009 ... soy milk in 4 answersHe's been taking to soy milk very well ... have the nutrients and fat that is in milk and formula for your babys brain ...

Weaning from Breastmilk to Cow's Milk

Personally, I was unable to digest the cow's milk fat in the formula I was originally given as an infant. I would spit it back up. ...

Organic Milk Vs. Regular Milk for Little Girl

Sep 8, 2009 ... Hi whole fat milk contains the most pesticides because it resides in the fat My personal opinion is that from ages 12 when they drink whole ...

Toddler Refusing Milk.

we had a REALLY hard time getting our daughter to drink milk. the previous advice is correct also, it is more about the Milk Fat than calcium in it that is ...

Switching from Formula to Milk

"Although more than 80 percent of preschoolers overload on dietary fat, simply switching from whole to reduced-fat milk products would bring their diets in ...

My 13 Month Old Won't Drink Whole Milk.

Milk is not that important. Calcium can and is better found in other sources. Fat is available everywhere!! And everyone should be taking a vitamin D ...

Whole Milk

If it says none of those things then it is WHOLE milk with ALL the fat content still in .... whole milk is vitamin D milk. Just dont get 1% or 2% milk fat. ...
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