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Getting to Drink Milk NOT in a Bottle

As far as milk, if she won't drink it from her cups just push the cheese, ice cream and yogurt, she will surely get her calcium and vitamins. ...

Milk Requirements for 1 Year Old

He is drinking Vitamin D milk, yet since transferring to the cup, he only drinks 4-8oz a day..." ... Also, cheese, some veggies, ice cream as a treat. ...

Seeking Moms Who Know About Milk and Milk Product and Rice Allergies!!!

A nice substitute for cow's milk and cow's milk products are goat's milk and goat's milk products. They make goat yogurt, cheese, butter, even ice cream! ...

How Much Milk Does a 14 Month Old Need? Please Help- Huge Debate in My Home!

Our pedi told us that as long as the boys get yogurts, ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream, milk in cereal, even milk w/the added syrups PLUS they drink ...

Freezing Milk?

They also have really good flavored milks (everything from chocolate and strawberry to banana, rootbeer and mango milk and our favorite cookies and cream ) ...

Milk Choices for a Sensitive Boy

We have tried a steroid cream from the doctor which didn't help. ... Not sure where you would have read bad reviews about rice milk, but that's your best ...

Best Test for Lactose Intolerance

If you think she is, limit the amount of milk, ice cream, cheese and yogurt she consumes this weekend. See if that helps. If she's having problems at night, ...

Did milk increase mucus production and worsen nose congestion?

That is true, but certain types of dairy, like milk and cream based products, have more of an affect than others, like low fat yogurt. ...

Cow's Milk Allergies in Infants/toddlers

... off of other foods, also (ie cheese, foods with cheese, ice cream, etc. ... Now I have a 3 mo. old son and he does not tolerate any cow's milk in my ...

My Daughter Wont Drink Milk

He drank milk from a bottle, but as soon as I took the bottle away, he wouldn't drink milk (not even ice cream). I was concerned as well, then I found that ...
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  • will expand when it freezes in 2 answers "It is like water, it will expand when it freezes and break the jug."
  • fortified rice milk in 2 answers "I feed my son fortified rice milk and add healthy fatty foods to as much as I can ..."
  • him off the cows milk in 2 answers "I say take him off the cows milk and you will have a much happier child."
  • lactose intolerance in 6 answers "Perhaps it's a simple lactose intolerance, but often 1 food intolerance a) goes with ..."
  • their teeth are just fine in 2 answers "... til a yr old my kids had their bottles in bed as well. Their teeth are just fine!"