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11 Months Too Early for Cow's Milk?

Read all 40 responses: "My baby is turning 11 months old in a few days and I was wondering if anyone out there has switched their baby from formula to cow's ...

Has Anyone Used Goats Milk as a Supplement?

She has a mild allergy but can not tolerate cow's milk even now that she is 17 ... My 2 year old loves goat milk as he had a severe allergy to cow's milk. ...

How Do I Transition My 1Yr Old to Cows Milk?

Read all 17 responses: "My daughter will be 12months old in a couple of weeks and I am excited about getting her started on "regular milk".

When Should a Baby Start Drinking Cows Milk??

Read all 36 responses: "So I have been told that babys shouldnt drink cows milk untill 1 year old but my mom said alittle at 9 months if fine just to start ...

Follow-up Question to the Cow's Milk Question...

Read all 8 responses: "Thanks for all the great info about more sources of calcium... But now, how do I get my 1 yr old to eat her veggies again?

14 Mo Old Wont Drink Cows Milk-any Suggestions?

Jan 8, 2009 ... Read all 34 responses: "We are currently weaning, and I introduced milk right after his first birthday. He only drank water in a sippy cup ...

Daughter Doesn't like to Drink Milk

Jul 30, 2009 ... We don't do cow's milk in my house, we do almond milk and it has some calcium, .... Cow milk is for a 600 lb animal, not your kids. Yuk. ...

Have You Ever Heard of Drinking to Much Milk?

Cow's milk isn't that great of a food. It does have some vitamins, ... My son has have very few cups of cow's milk in his life and he is perfectly healthy, ...

Can I Mix Soy & Milk Based Formula?

We tried to mix the soy formula with cows milk, which is fine to do, .... When my daughter was a year old, I started adding a little cow's milk to her ...

Milk Intolerance?

Aug 27, 2009 ... There is no magic to cow's milk - it's sole true purpose is to turn a 100 pound calf into a 900 pound steer in 6 months! We've been pushed by the dairy ...
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  • do it gradually replacing 1 feeding in 2 answers "When you start don't switch overnight. Do it gradually replacing 1 feeding at a time."
  • started with one feeding of cows milk in 2 answers "I waited until my baby was 1 year old. I started with one feeding of cows milk (very ..."
  • raw goats milk in 2 answers "If you can get raw goat's milk, the live enzymes actually help her absorb the nutrients."
  • cows milk at 11 months in 2 answers "I started to transition my daughter to cow's milk at 11 months."
  • plain cows milk in 2 answers "... and when we weaned at 13 months, he didn't like switching to plain cow's milk ..."