mile long garage sale

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Garage Sale Help

K.H. asks from Houston

We are having a garage sale this weekend and I feel totally unprepared. What are the most important things I need to do/have for a successful sale?


Advice for a Long Car Trip with 2 Kids

A.V. asks from Duluth

I am looking for any advice or suggestions for taking a long car trip with a 2 year old and almost 4 year old. My husband and I are planning a trip for a family reuni...


Need a Solution to an Early Morning Walk problem.....sorry Its a Little Long!

I.S. asks from Sacramento

A little history of the situation.... I bought a dog back in march 2012 for my son's 4th birthday. At the time I was working a job that was only 10 minutes away (r...


Bone China for Every Day Dishes, and How Long Did You Keep Your Wedding Set?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

We've been using our Pottery barn great white porcelain set since we've been married 8 years ago. We've only broken 3 or 4 pieces. but the plates were too big (...


Mom to Mom Resales in the Denver Area?

K.R. asks from Denver

Hi moms, I am relatively new to the Denver area. We moved here from Ann Arbor, Michigan where every fall and spring there would be lots of, what were called, "mom-t...


I'm Selling So Much Stuff, the Kids Think They're Next!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

We have a yard sale about once a year. I usually go through the house with what my husband calls "that look", and I gather up everything I have tired of looking at. ...


Need to Find Perspective--my "Helping" Husband Frustration

L.T. asks from Houston

Hey all! I'm writing this today b/c all of my friends are on vacation and I have nowhere else to vent! A couple of weeks ago we decided ot repaint our entire house...


What Is the Cheapest Thing You Do?

S.L. asks from Denver

Okay, I am a total cheapskate....I love shopping at thrift stores (my last score was the "dollar sale", got two nice dresses, pair of jeans, and some clothes for my ...


Do You Have a Second Home, Camper, or Cabin?

M.!. asks from Columbus

My husband and I are looking at a small Cabin to use for the summers and found one on a campground. If you have a camper, 2nd home, or cabin do you feel it is worth ...


Car Seat Use

M.N. asks from Pocatello

Hi moms. My oldest is 71/2 years old. My son is 3 1/2. I used the same carseat for both. Now I am expecting again in August and am wondering about using the car seat ...

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