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Seeking Midwife and Birth Center

Midwifery is actually illegal in Missouri. There are doulas, and many will do ... I believe midwifery is not 'officially' allowed in St. Louis but I believe ...

Sorry!!! I Am Looking for a Good Midwife and Hospital to Deliver My Baby.

I used the midwifery practice at Swedish Covenant Hospital. ... I've also heard West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park has a good midwifery practice but I don't ...

Looking for an Ob/Gyn That Is Friendly to Athletes

I really like the Bay Area Midwifery Clinic, located in the Medical Complex on ... I would recommend midwives at Special Beginnings or Bay Area Midwifery. ...

Looking for a Midwife

CBS Midwifery. The reason I'm telling you about the hospitals is because I have decided to ... The practice is called CBS Midwifery. Here is their website ...

Seeking Midwife

I highly recommend Sheila Roth of Midwest Midwifery. ... She's so hooked in to the midwifery community and could lead you in the right direction based on ...

Delivery Experiences at B&W or Mass General

I delivered my baby here w/ the midwifery svce. It is a great place to work and the employees all come here. People are happy to work here and help the ...

Midwife Advice

Ronnie Falcoa in Mountain View caught my second child in my home... she is fabulous, and has a fabulous website resource for midwifery: ...

OB/GYN Practice with Midwives - Having a Baby in Jax for the First Time

I would also recommend Dr. VanScriver or Fruitful Vine Midwifery. ... Dr. Van Scriver shares an office with Fruitful Vine Midwifery Service and Birth Center ...

Recommendations for a Midwife

She owns Beyond Conception Midwifery. She birthed my third child at home in a tub. She birthed my sister's 2nd child at home in her bed. ...

Lack of Health Insurance and Pregnancy

Sep 22, 2009 ... The midwifery model of care is much more personalized care, and studies show that for ... I would suggest she look into midwifery care. ...
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