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Seeking Help with Reading for My 6 Year Old Daughter

My oldest and middle children had convergence insuffenciency (not sure I spelled ..... I said that she goes to school to learn reading because she wouldn't ...

Grounding My Middle Schooler

L. - I too have a middle-school boy and it's hard! .... For example, if he says he read 30 minutes on his reading log but he only read 15 and got the ...

Did You Ever Grow Out of "Not Caring About School"?

I haven't met too many boys who didn't like comic books... and reading is ... Middle School years are tough for most any student, your son is making it even ...

Seeking Inexpensive Math Tutor for Middle School Girls

Seeking Inexpensive Math Tutor for Middle School Girls. I am searching for an inexpensive math tutor for two middle schools girls, 7th and 8th grades. ...

Son in Middle School Still Doesn't Know Mulitplication Tables

Hey A.. when I was in middle school I had a hard time remembering ... While reading your example of 8x6, I solved it by saying in my head 8x5 is 40 plus 8 ...

Reading Resistance

I'm a middle school counselor so I really only know that level. ..... of this but by the time he hit the middle of his 4th grade year, he was reading like a ...

Confusing B's and D's While Reading

I work at an Elementary school in the Literacy Lab.(4 school year) I help children from K-6 better their knowlege of letters, sounds and their reading ...

Home Schooling Schedule

Her reading level is 6th grade and she does very well in all of her subjects. ... T., I also have the middle-school teacher background prior to ...

How to Teach My 4 Year Old to Read

Anyway... certain t.v. shows on PBS are great to reinforce reading skills. ..... As a Teacher's aide at the middle school level, just let me say Thank you, ...

8Th Grade ADHD/LD Student in Need of Help

Sep 17, 2009 ... Before staying home with my daughter, I taught intensive reading to struggling ..... It's over near TCU, maybe near McLean Middle School. ...
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