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My Couch Smells like Pee - HELP!

Does anyone know how to get the smell of urine out of a microfiber couch? I unzipped the cushion and smelled the pad underneath and it seems fine. ...

Microsuede? Love It or Leave It?

Sep 27, 2009 ... A little over a year ago we purchased a microfiber couch. We hate it. It looks stained and worn constantly. No matter how I try to clean it. ...

Pen Marks on the Couch

My princess has done this multiple times on our BRAND NEW microfiber couch. I have found that the Tide to Go pen works beautifully!!! Try that and good luck ...

What Type of Couch Material to Buy with a Toddler, 2 Cats and 1 Dog

We have a microfiber couch and loveseat. WE LOVE IT!!! It is so easy to clean, all you need is a little warm water and a rag. We have four boys and 2 dogs ...

Marker on My Sofa!!

It will leave parts of the sponge on your couches, but you just vacuum them up afterwards. .... How Do I Get Permanent Marker Out of My Microfiber Couch? ...

Furniture and Pets and Kids....

We bought a microfiber couch and loveseat set over a year ago, now, and we LOVE them! We had a dog at the time we bought them, up until a couple months ago, ...

Please Help Me Get the Gum Out!

My husband found some chewed spearmint gum that "not me" put in between our microfiber couch's cushions...anyone have a good remedy to get it out? ...

My Girl Peed on the Couch!!

My girl peed on our microfiber couch cushion the other day and I tried to spot clean but it smells. I have not ever had to have this done so I am stuck. ...

Microfiber Cleaning Ideas?

We have two microfiber couches and are constantly getting things on them. ... My husband has the same problem and we have a microfiber couch. ...

What to Use to Get Urine Out of Cloth Couch?

Our couch is not micro-fiber and has a good bit of foam type padding still in non-removable cushions. Any help would be great! ...
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  • rub an ice cube in 2 answers "I've heard to rub an ice cube over the gum to freeze it and then pick it off/out."
  • nail polish remover in 2 answers "... you use, test on a part of the couch you cannot see first. Nail polish remover ..."
  • nebraska furniture mart in 2 answers "... I could have lived with when we bought our couches...Nebraska Furniture Mart ..."
  • tide to go pen in 2 answers "I have found that the Tide to Go pen works beautifully!!! Try that and good luck."
  • natures miracle in 6 answers "As noted by other mom's ... both vinegar and Nature's Miracle work well... good luck!"