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Odd Situation with Nurse- Should I Say Something to My Doctor?

Well, the "nurse" (I'll call her that for this dicsussion but technically I think that her badge said medical assistant)was at the counter with her back to ...

Should I Go Back to School

I have been thinking about taking a course to be a medical assistant, it would take 9 months Mon-Thur., 6-10 starting in August. Should I even consider ...

5Month Old with Eczema Can Take a Dip in the Pool?

Ok, I was a registerd Medical Assistant for a Dermatologist for almost 10 years and I'll say that ALWAYS use sunscreen on your child. ...

Not Sure If I Believe the Doctors.

From what I know from training to become a medical assistant Lymphangitis is Inflammation of the lymph vessels, usually caused by infection, which may lead ...

5 Year Old with Small Abscess on Upper Gum

Hi, I have been a registered dental assistant for the past 19 years. Unfortunately the young dentist is correct. ..... Medical Assistant · deal or no deal ...

Looking for a Great OBGYN in Reno

He's very well known in the medical field in Reno, I am REgistered Medical Assistant and have worked in Reno for 9 years before I moved to Carson City. ...

Seeking Career

At my campus (Garden Grove, but there is North Hollywood, San Bernadino, and San Diego campuses as well) we have medical assistant, dental assistant, ...

Seeking a Legitimate at Home Job

I have been looking for the same thing... my sister is a medical .... Become a virtual assistant! (i also do home parties on the side.. ...

Looking for Babysitter for an Occasional Night Out (McKinney)

I am a CNA and a Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Night Nanny, CPR/First Aid Certified. My passions are helping others, making a difference and the ...

Where to Go?

I have been to all of their offices and I can't say one bad thing about ANY of the doctors, nurses, medical assistants or front office, everyone who works ...
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