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C-section Discomfort After 1 Year

I put Mederma on it, and body lotion. Both of those helped. Good luck. ... If you have a lovely c-section "shelf" (flap of skin/fat that overhangs the scar) ...

Help! Burned Leg and Don't Want Scar!!

With skin burns, keep it hydrated with lotion - anything with aloe like ... Go get some Mederma at wal-mart it will help. Also, vitamin E oil will help too. ...

How to Reduce Strech Marks

Mederma is a skin care cream that is for scar removal. It is available at drug stores and in the pharm aisle at grocery. It's kind of pricey at something ...

Seeking Moms That Have Had a C-section and Also Have a Toddler

Although, I almost scratched some of the skin off my leg because I was so itchy. ..... Do not eat seafood until the scar heals, put mederma on the scar. ...

What to Use on My Son to Minimize Scaring?

Ask your childs dr about Mederma Definitely use sun tan lotionit is exposure to the ... Mederma is what he recommends to his patients Vitamin E Oil is an ...

"Need Advice on Scarring After Stitches"

Since your son is so young, his skin is going to stretch as he grows and he scar will grow ... I had surgery in November, and my doctor recommended Mederma. ...

How to Treat a Cut on Toddler's Face?

My friend used Mederma for Kids when her toddler cut his eyebrow. ... They lay flat on the skin and are much harder to pull off than a band aid. ...

Does Anyone Still Have Pain and Numbness After Having C-section?

If you are concerned about the scar, try the Mederma or Vit E serum. ... Mine is still just tender with the skin. But give yourself some time, ...

"WHAT In the WORLD Is Biting My CHILD????"

... Benadryl, Bee Sting Zapper, Mederma, and NOTHING is making these things go away! .... It's great for their skin anyway and it keeps biting insects away. ...

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Respiratory · Shots & Vaccines · Skin · Skin, Hair & Bath Care · Sleeping Habits ... with vitamin E lotion and/or Mederma through your entire pregnancy! ...
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