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Pumping Milk

R.B. asks from New York

I'm having trouble pumping milk with my breast pump. It just seems to pull and be somewhat painful, and not express much milk. It also makes my breasts congested and ...


Baby Won't Breastfeed

K.S. asks from Atlanta

My baby quit nursing when I went back to work after 6 weeks and had to switch her to the bottle. I still express milk for her using a pump but it breaks my heart that...


Extremely SORE Nipples Due to Pumping...

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Has any other mother experience really sore nipples while pumping only??? I use to specifically breast feed my son, however due to latch on issues and being extremely...


Breastmilk Storage

A.W. asks from New York

I have a question about breastmilk Im planning to start pumping because i have to return to work next month I have a medulla pump and every time i try to pump its not...


Should I Buy a Breast Pump?

E.B. asks from Kansas City

My five month old son normally breastfeeds well but lately I have been supplementing him with formula bottles when I visit my parents. I have been over there several...


Exclusive Pumping?

N.K. asks from Pittsburgh

I am due in sept. with my second child. I did not breastfeed my first, and felt kind of guilty. After some discussions with my sister (who wasn't able to breastfeed...


Sudden Drop in Milk Supply?

C. asks from Charlotte

I am wondering if anybody else has had this happen to them. First off, I pump milk out for my son. He is going on 3.5 months now. I do not actually nurse him at al...


Breastfeeding - Decreased Supply

E.W. asks from Albuquerque

Hi, I have a 5 month old daughter who has been exclusively breastfed. She will drink expressed milk from a bottle but even that use of a bottle has been infrequen...


Increasing My Milk Supply

K.J. asks from Minneapolis

I am wondering how I can increase my milk supply. My son is 6 months old and my frozen back up supply is gone, he has only had breast milk so far no formula. But is...


Recommendations About Various Baby Gear Products

C.T. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for opinions about best strollers, carriers, car seats. I am pretty much clueless. Light weight seems good to me, but I don't even know if that's an iss...

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