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Breast Feeding

A.C. asks from Chicago

My 2 week old son never took to my breast so I have been pumping and bottle feeding him. I have found that I am only producing a little less than 1 ounce from my lef...


Medela Pump in Style Issue

K.R. asks from Dallas

Hi mamas. So I am using a pump in style double breast pump right now - only used the swing before and don't remember having any issues. I lost one of the bottles ...


Breast Pump

A.W. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for suggestions and things to steer clear of where breast pumps are concerned. I will most likely be going back to work full time after 3 months and woul...


Breast Pump

N.M. asks from Omaha

My husband and I just went and registered at BabiesRus and I was wondering if I should register for a breast pump right away and hope that breast feeding works for me...


Breast Feeding

I.R. asks from New York

does breast pump hurt...? my friend told me it hurts alot... and is breast feeding painful too..??? what shall i do incase it hurts..?? first time mom to be he...


Breast Feeding

J.B. asks from Salt Lake City

We are about to have our first child in June. My wife has inverted nipples. She would like to breast feed, but doesn't know if she will be able to. Does anyone know i...


Breast Pumps

N.H. asks from Boston

Hi Moms just wanted to know what breast pumps you thought where great and what ones to stay away from. I am due in nov with son number 2 and I didnt use a pump wi...


Breast Pumps

J.T. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas! My sister is currently expecting her second child and wants to breast feed. She is looking for a breast pump and would like to invest in a good one. An...


Breast Feeding

C.K. asks from Decatur

My son was born on July 15th of this year so hes 4 weeks old. I started nursing him right away and he was doing great. But then his jaundice levels got really high an...


Looking for a Medela Pump in Style & a My Breast Friend Pillow--anyone???

D.C. asks from Chicago

I'm expecting in late October, & plan to breastfeed. I BF for 7 months with my daughter, & rented a pump from the hospital the whole time. For the money we ended up p...

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