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Breast Pumps

D.M. asks from Anchorage

I have a Lansinoh Double Breast Pump that is on it's last limb... I really like it, but i now need something better and more portable. I found the Medela Freestyle an...


Breast Pumps

S.J. asks from Cleveland

Hi,I want to get a breast pump and not really sure which one to get.I know that I want to get a Medela because I had used it in the hospital for my last child and it ...


Breast Pumps

C.O. asks from New Orleans

I am a mother of a darling 2 year old boy, and am trying to conceive again. My heart is in providing breast milk until my children are at least one year old. The pr...


Which is the best breast pump to buy?

K.B. asks from Columbus

Any suggestions on what bottles to use with the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump? OR any suggestions on what Breast Pump to purchase? THANKS!


Used Medela Pump in Style

R.W. asks from Los Angeles

It's my understanding that breast pumps cannot be reused by another person or refurbished in anyway because of bacteria. I am no longer using mine and would like to ...


Breast Pump?

C.P. asks from Columbus

Could I get some recommendations for the best affordable breast pump? Also, I don't know too much about breast feeding I want to pump and supplement with formula. Is ...


Breast Feeding

N.C. asks from Chicago

I need help on what kind of breast pump I should get? Also I would like to know suggestions on what else I would need to buy if i will be breast feeding?


Medela Pump in Style Doesn't Seem to Work! HELP, Losing My Milk Supply!

M.M. asks from Chicago

When I first started pumping, I used a hospital grade pump that I rented from a place near Prentice. Then I went on a trip to visit family and asked them to pick me u...


Breast Pumps

N.E. asks from Scranton

Does anyone have any suggestions on breast pumps? As far as what to look for, type, brand etc..?


Breast Pumps

P.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I have been breast feeding my 5 week old son. He seems contended after every feeding. He feeds every 2.5 hours with 3-4 hours gaps at night. On an average he f...

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