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Medela Pump in Style?

Anyhow, I am wondering if anyone has sold their breast pump and where they did so. My Medela Pump In Style cost me over $300 and is in excellent condition. ...


I used the medela breastpump which is used at the hospital. You can also purchase at Babies R Us, target and online. I used other hand help cheaper pumps . ...

Advice on Breast Pump

I loved my Medela. It is a great pump, amd that was 6 years ago. Just remember that the baby does a better job of emptying the breast. ...

Looking for a Medela Pump in Style & a My Breast Friend Pillow--anyone???

Read all 9 responses: "I'm expecting in late October, & plan to breastfeed. I BF for 7 months with my daughter, & rented a pump from the hospital the whole ...

Looking for a Good Breast Pump.

I used the Medela Breast Pump when my daughter was born and I loved it! I don't know anything about the other pump but I know several people including ...

Medela Symphony Vs. Pump in Style

Therefore, I need a great breast pump that I can use everyday that will express the whole breast. I know Medela is the best, but I am wondering if I should ...

Comparing Breast Pumps

Many times I have compared pumps even using a medela on one breast and the ameda on the other. There is no contamination on either pump in the milk. ...

The BEST Breast Pump.

L.M. answers from Fresno on January 31, 2009. Any Medela pump is best! It will not damage your breast ducts and the ONLY one recommended by hospitals. ...

Breastfeeding and Pumping

I had borrowed a medela breast pump from a friend of mine and liked it. Unfortunately my daughter was 6 weeks early and my milk hadn't come in. ...

Seeking Gently Used Breast Pump to Purchase

I am pregnant and looking for a gently used (preferrably Medela pump in style) breast pump as soon as possible. If you are looking to sale your pump or know ...
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