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Vegetarian Pregnancy- Craving Meat!

J.L. asks from Detroit

Hello. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with #2. During my first pregnancy, I never craved meat and was never nauseous. This pregnancy, I have all-day nausea and am cr...


Is My Thawed Hamburger Meat Bad?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

I had a tube of hamburger frozen and now its been hiding in my fridge for about 2 weeks! I'm not sure if it's still "good" or not and not sure how I can tell! I am ...


My Son Won't Eat Meat

E.M. asks from Lawton

I have a 19 month old son that refuses to eat any meats, except tuna out of the can and pork chops.When he eat thoese its only a few bites. He won't eat ANY beef or ...


Where Do You Buy Your Produce and Meat?

J.R. asks from Miami

Do most of you buy meat and produce at Publix? Are you happy with Whole Foods, Gardners or Norman Bros, if you shop there? I'm giving up on Publix. It seems that the...


Looking for Low and No Meat Recipes.

A.K. asks from San Francisco

In an effort to be more socially conscious we’re trying to reduce the amount of meat we consume. With the UN summit on world food shortages going on it just seems ...


My Daughter Does Not like Meat

M.K. asks from Syracuse

My daughter is two years old and as many times as i have tried just doesn't like most meat dishes. She only likes chicken breast if it is pounded down and in the for...


Lunch Meat Okay???

B.S. asks from San Diego

Hey Moms, I am about 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. Today was my first appt and I got home and was reading some info that I got and one thing on there said not...


Keeping Meat in the Refrigerator

J.W. asks from Dallas

A week ago I purchased a package of chicken breasts and another of pork chops on sale at our local supermarket. Well I was in a rush so I just put it in our garage r...


Protein (Meat vs Dairy)

S.F. asks from Utica

I feel a bit naive asking this question but I honestly have no clue if they are the same or not and you Mommas always seem to have great answers and advice. My DD ha...


What Should I Feed My Daughters That Don't like Meat

A.R. asks from Dallas

I have two girls almost 3 years and 1 1/2 years old. They don't seem to like meat at all. Occaisonally they will eat chicken, (nothing else not even chicken nuggets...

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  • essential amino acids in 2 answers "Animal products have all the essential amino acids that the body is incapable of making."
  • uncooked lunch meat in 2 answers "I have 3 children and never had a problem eating regular uncooked lunch meat through ..."
  • fresh organic produce in 2 answers "I go every other week and pick up 25 - 35 pounds of fresh organic produce."
  • eat fish sticks in 2 answers "My 3 1/2 year old will only eat fish sticks or chicken nuggets."
  • magical about meat in 2 answers "Well, there is sort of something magical about meat when we're talking protein."