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2 Yr. Old with VERY Limited Diet. What Do You Think?

No cheese, no vegetables, no cereal, no waffles, no eggs, no bread, no fish, and certainly no meat. He won't even stray from the crackers/cookies he eats. ...

Fattening, Nutritious Foods

Jul 25, 2009 ... learn mandarin · organic meat · meat fish · now foods vitamins · nutrition foods · french cheese · baby weight chart · foods baby ...

What Is a Reasonable Monthly Food Budget?

We're vegetarians, so I don't have the expense of any meat, fish, or foul, but fresh fruit and vegetables aren't cheap. I make my own bread and yogurt and ...

Need Quick and Flavorful Steak Rub or Marinade Recipe

The Instant Marinater is a unique dish that marinates and tenderizes meat, fish, chicken and vegetables in just minutes. It works by creating a vacuum which ...

Need Dinner Ideas for 15 Month Old!

So, things like green beans, cooked carrots, Small mouthful sized pieces of meat or fish, and small pieces of fruit, and of course cherrios. ...

Kindergarten Lunchbox Ideas

I used a variety of cookie cutters and fillers like lunch meat, tuna fish, egg salad, etc. 5. Snack crackers like goldfish were a favorite, as were pretzels ...

EXTREME Fatigue During First Trimester - Want Ideas

My doctor had me on white meat and fish only along with fruits and vegetables. Which means I was not overeating on anything but healthy. ...

Mom with 3 Year Old Who Does Not like Regular Food.

It seems like an easy plate to make, so, i am guessing it just comes down to your fear that if he does not eat meat, chicken, fish or veggies he is not ...

My 2Yrs Is a Picky Eater

A couple of occasions she will only eat the meat or fish, sometimes she will only eat the rice - I figure it all evens out. She's not a big fan of cooked ...

Boxer Has Really Bad Allergies

Sep 2, 2009 ... Raw meat, fish, chicken and veggies. One of my friends, through the process of elimination on the diet figured out that her dog is allergic ...
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