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Need a Name

B.M. asks from Houston

OK I HAVE 2 BOYS Joseph and Justan, i need a name for either a boy and a girl i want a unique hispanic name help!!!!!


Middle Name

W.R. asks from Norfolk

Hi! I am trying to come up with a good middle name for a one-syllable first name (for a girl). It seems like whenever I add a middle name, it sounds backwards like t...


Girl Name

W.M. asks from Little Rock

I have a boy name that is solid...but we don't know the gender yet & we want a boy...i'm having issues thinking of a good girls name thats not going to be cheesy....


A Little Help with a Name.

K.I. asks from Muncie

Hi Moms, We recently found out that we are haveing a girl. We have had a name that we like for quite a while and are thinking of using it. The problem comes when I ...


Baby Name Problem

M.L. asks from Alexandria

My husband wants to use his sisters name who past away when she way a baby for our baby on the ways name. I wana use it as a middle name but I don't kno what first na...


Baby Middle Name Suggestion

R.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm looking for some good middle name ideas for the name Claire. We have a really short one-syllable last name, so we want something a little longer for a middle name...


Help with Middle Name for Ariana

S.H. asks from Chicago

We are thinking of naming our baby Ariana, but cannot come up with a middle name. I love the middle name Lynn and he likes Marie, but I really don't want to use Marie....


And the Battle for a Name for Baby Begins....

M.F. asks from Youngstown

Well we recently found out we are having a girl...I am so excited to have my very own princess! I have three boys already. We argued for months over what to name our c...


Name Suggestions(postpartum Depression)

A.G. asks from Sarasota

this is my second child and i'm having a lot of trouble with what i should name her. my husband and i really wanted a little boy and well its a girl...but anyway...its...

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