meaning of the name maria

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Need a Name

B.M. asks from Houston

OK I HAVE 2 BOYS Joseph and Justan, i need a name for either a boy and a girl i want a unique hispanic name help!!!!!


Middle Name

W.R. asks from Norfolk

Hi! I am trying to come up with a good middle name for a one-syllable first name (for a girl). It seems like whenever I add a middle name, it sounds backwards like ...


Girl Name

W.M. asks from Little Rock

I have a boy name that is solid...but we don't know the gender yet & we want a boy...i'm having issues thinking of a good girls name thats not going to be cheesy....


A Little Help with a Name.

K.I. asks from Muncie

Hi Moms, We recently found out that we are haveing a girl. We have had a name that we like for quite a while and are thinking of using it. The problem comes when I...


Baby Name Problem

M.L. asks from Alexandria

My husband wants to use his sisters name who past away when she way a baby for our baby on the ways name. I wana use it as a middle name but I don't kno what first n...


Baby Middle Name Suggestion

R.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm looking for some good middle name ideas for the name Claire. We have a really short one-syllable last name, so we want something a little longer for a middle nam...


Help with Middle Name for Ariana

S.H. asks from Chicago

We are thinking of naming our baby Ariana, but cannot come up with a middle name. I love the middle name Lynn and he likes Marie, but I really don't want to use Marie...


And the Battle for a Name for Baby Begins....

M.F. asks from Youngstown

Well we recently found out we are having a girl...I am so excited to have my very own princess! I have three boys already. We argued for months over what to name our ...


Name Suggestions(postpartum Depression)

A.G. asks from Sarasota

this is my second child and i'm having a lot of trouble with what i should name her. my husband and i really wanted a little boy and well its a girl...but

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  • ariana claire ariana in 2 answers "ariana claire ariana rene ariana jenea (pronounced Jenn A) these are a few that ..."
  • ariana elizabeth ariana in 2 answers "... Ariana Irene Ariana Skye Ariana Nichole (Nicole) Ariana Elizabeth Ariana ..."
  • victoria gayle victoria in 2 answers "Victoria Gayle Victoria Faye Victoria Aziza Victoria Shay or Shae"