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Name Calling

M.G. asks from Seattle

I find my husband calling our daughter names a lot. He rarely uses her given name. I feel it is wrong and is can be hurtful to her. I ask him not to do it, but it ...


Hyphenated Name

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hello. If I hyphenate my soon to be born childs last name (i.e. Baby Doe Smith-Jones), do I have to report both names on officials documents (such as SS card, etc....


Which Spelling of Name???

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hi hubby and I are in some need of help....we are expecting our first child together....a little boy due at the end of April.(I have 2 children from a pr...


Name Idea's

H.J. asks from Minneapolis

So I know that in the end it is our decision but I would love to hear some input on names. We have two kids with very common names and I am hoping for a less common n...


Name Challenge

H.L. asks from Chicago

My friend just found out she is expecting a girl (YAY!!) They are having a hard time coming up with names and they don't agree on any at the moment. My friend has t...


Name Calling

L.M. asks from San Antonio

I have a zero tolerance for name calling in my family. However my husband has a different take on it. He thinks as long as he is being funny it's okay. For example he...


Looking for a Name That Means "Miracle"

A.G. asks from New York

Hi Moms. I have a dumb question. Is there someway and place I can put in a meaning of a name and get name options? I am pregnant with our 3rd child. I have a thyroid ...


A Little Help with a Name.

K.I. asks from Muncie

Hi Moms, We recently found out that we are haveing a girl. We have had a name that we like for quite a while and are thinking of using it. The problem comes when I...


How to Teach a 14 Month Old the Meaning of "No".

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

My (can't say enough sweet things about him)14 month old needs to know no means no. Lately he has been finding out he can do new things- and some of the world that h...


Baby Name Help!

R.H. asks from Kansas City

I am pregnant with my second girl and am struggling with a name! We feel confident that Julia will be the first name. It's the middle name we are struggling with. Eac...

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