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How Would You Pronounce This Name?

E.L. asks from Denver

My husband and I are considering this name for our baby boy: Kai Alexander. How would you pronounce Kai? With a long I as in kite or with a long A as in Kate? Thanks!


Name Anxiety

K.K. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is 6 weeks old and I do not feel comfortable with the name we gave her. It was mainly my husband's choice because we just couldn't agree and at the time...


Baby Name Again

J.G. asks from Chicago

I'm still struggling to pick a name for my daughter that is due in about 6 weeks! Hubby is set on Sive (pronounced like Five but with an S). I've even called my baby...


Girl Name

J.N. asks from Denver

Need advice on a girl name... Husband and I having a hard time deciding... The names we are leaning towards are: Emree, Adalyn, Ashlyn, and Brynlee. I'm open to oth...


Baby Name ??

P.Z. asks from Columbus

HI there. I am 17 weeks pregnant and already have a son and daughter. We have decided not to find out the sex of this baby until delivery day (can't wait!! hehehe)....


Can't Decide on a Name

C.F. asks from Detroit

I keep going back and forth on names. Everytime I pick one I think about what I would possibly name a sibling then the next thing I know I decide I can't use that nam...


How to Name a Baby?

S.L. asks from Boise

My husband and I have major problems when it comes to picking a name for our kids. The big ultrasound is tomorrow, so hopefully we get to start the process again (if ...


Spelling a Name

S.W. asks from Fort Smith

My husband and I really like the name Neveah. It is Heaven spelled backwards. I heard it of it about 2 years ago. When I heard it they pronounced it Nevay or Nevae...

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