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Baby Name

M.M. asks from Detroit

My husband and I are thinking of naming our daughter Rubey, but I am having difficulties coming up with a middle name. Any suggestions?


Opinion on Name!!!

L.T. asks from Dallas

My husband loves Jett Fanning. I HATE the name Jett. (Sorry if you used it...It's just not for me!) I really like Jasper Fanning but NOONE but me likes Jasper so m...


Boy Name...

N.P. asks from Seattle

Just trying to get some suggestions on a boy's name. We have one boy named Elias River. Second boy is due on the 14th of Sept. (yes 11 days!), and still have no name!...


Name Help

K.H. asks from Phoenix

Hubby and I are struggling with names for our second.. For a girl we're leaning towards Norah but don't know about a middle name. I like Norah Sage or Norah Rose. He ...


Middle Name

K.L. asks from Savannah

My husband and I are in the process of figuring out some name options for our soon to be born baby. We do not know the sex of the baby, but have been narrowing the l...


Girl Name

M.F. asks from Dallas

So here I go again with a name for my friend to ask you guys opinion's on. (LOL I have told her she needs to join this site & ask herself but she hasn't so I'm her in...


Baby's Name

K.P. asks from San Francisco

I just wanted some feedback on this...My husband and I lost a pregnancy last year. I chose to name the baby and did not tell my husband what the name was because he d...


Name Change/Addition

A.S. asks from Iowa City

Our four year old daughter has expressed a desire to add my maiden name to her last name. When I got married I added my husband's surname to my maiden name. No hyph...


A Middle Name

B.R. asks from San Diego

I was looking for some suggestions on middle names. My little boy is not due until May, but I am stumped on a middle name. The first name we have picked is Ewan, li...


We Can't Decide on a Name !!!

L.S. asks from Austin

Hi moms, I am due in August/08 with my second child, this time a boy. We are so excited. The problem is that my husband is totally fixated on modern names (maddox, v...

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