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Seeking FUN Baby Shower Games

But I recently attended one where the host had a list of the names of the women at the shower and the "meaning" of each name. ...

Question on Using Family Names

Then the first names are biblical in meaning and go together on their own. .... There is meaning behind the name and it is an honor to be named after a ...

Kroger 'Comfort' Formula Vs. Name Brand

I used Kroger's Comfort formula and it is just as good as the name brand. .... baby name origins · the meaning of the name · name brand clothes for boys ...

Boy Names

I like the names you've picked out. I'm big on meaning, I like how you are using your father's name for his middle name, my oldest son is named after my dad ...

Arabic Male Names

We are looking for Arabic names for boys/men. We are open to secular and ... My son is "Jaden" meaning " God has heard or God has answered" Also you may ...


Don't beat yourself up over the name--no matter what you name him, kids will find a nickname out of it. Just find a name that you like, that has meaning to ...

Middle Name for Quinn

Sep 17, 2009 ... As for the middle, I lean toward Abigayle since it has meaning for your family. If the name Noelle draws you, give it to her, ...

Baby Boy Name

Read all 8 responses: "We are expecting our third child in March, and for some reason, I'm having a hard time with a name. We don't know if it will be a boy ...

Seeking "RAP" CD Artist Names, and Do You Know If They Have "CLEAN" Versions

It's a good chance to talk about the meaning of words too because movies, TV, the internet and other .... names and meaning com · meanings of girl names ...

Am I Able to Change My Kids Last Name?

I was curious as to if I am able to change my childs last name if I am given sole custody? Meaning say for example the kids fathers last name is Anderson ...
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