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Girl Name

W.M. asks from Little Rock

I have a boy name that is solid...but we don't know the gender yet & we want a boy...i'm having issues thinking of a good girls name thats not going to be cheesy....


We Can't Decide on a Name !!!

L.S. asks from Austin

Hi moms, I am due in August/08 with my second child, this time a boy. We are so excited. The problem is that my husband is totally fixated on modern names (maddox, v...


Need a Baby Girl's Name

M.R. asks from New York

Hi Alla: Can anyone suggest a beautiful first girl name. I like biblical an unique names. I really had hard time to become pregnant and I would said that this happ...


Help! No Name for Our Baby Girl!!!

N.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms:) I'm due with a baby girl any day now and we still can not settle on a name! Wondering if anyone can give us any suggestions! My boys both have names...


Baby Name Poll

M.J. asks from Los Angeles

We are having our second child this August, and decided not to find out the sex. We love our boy names, but we're having trouble coming up with girl names that we jus...


Name Help for Baby #4

N.R. asks from Chicago

I have 3 daughters- Adelyn, Gianna & Vivienne and we are having our fourth baby, due in April. My husband and I still haven't thought of a good name that we think ...


Name for Baby #3

J.E. asks from Erie

My husband and I just got the news a week ago that we are expecting baby #3! I am beyond excited :) It was definitely a surprise! Our kids will be 7 & 5 when this bab...


Need a Baby Name Quick Please!

A.T. asks from Chicago

So we are trying to name our little girl that will be here in just a few weeks and we are having great difficulty so I would love your ideas! In a nutshell, we are l...


Calling a Child by Their Middle name......without Asking First

A.G. asks from South Bend

My mil (who tends to do things just to irritate me.....even my husband admits that) told me on Christmas Eve that she doesn't like my poor choice in name for my young...


C-section Tomorrow and NO NAME!?!

G.C. asks from Saginaw

Hi there- I was on the site a few years ago when I was pg with my 4th and decided to make my way back :) I have a scheduled c-section tmrw and cannot for the life...

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