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Can Anyone Help Me with Some Unique Boy and Girl Names?

I think it's nice when names have some kind of meaning. ... and never once had another Patrick or Anthony in class with them, which really shocked me. ...

Ainsley Too Weird???

Also look up the name and find the meaning. Suppossibly your baby's name is ..... I went with the traditional and name him after two ggf. Anthony Joshua. ...

Questions on Teaching an 11 Yr Old. Sex Ed.

My eleven year old, Anthony, told me the other day that he knows he can't ... Her name is Mary Flo Ridley. She believes that a child is ready to hear about ...

Recommendations for OB GYN at Emory Johns Creek

Dr. Betty Anthony was present at the delivery of my baby an was very good. ... who I am sure has privledges at Emory John's Creek his name is Dr. Marcus. ...

Seeking Advice for Hosting a Baby Shower

(Of course, use the full names eg. Isaiah Thomas Jefferson or Bethany Susan Anthony) then split them up as a shorter serch item. My sister-in-law hosted the ...

Catholic Education

St. Anthony's Church in Prospect, CT has a good program. ... Unfortunately they are sometimes taught by well meaning people who aren't educated enough to ...

Need Help with Tax Question for Providing Child Care.

I am not meaning this is you. I am responding to some of the other responses. ... If you wish to contact my boss his name is Telly Makris and he can be ..... My accountant is Anthony Kirk. AK Services at 41 Harrison Street Oak Park, ...

Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year for Christmas we all exchange names and get a gift. ... Christmas is not about the gifts but celebrating the meaning and being with family. .... colored paper with a cute photo of my son & called it "Anthony's Hot Cocoa Mix. ...

Teen Mis-diagnosed with Bipolar II

... I find it difficult to take advice from very well meaning people who believe .... by Anthony Wolf, Ph.D. These 2 books are great, as well as "The Bipolar Child" .... hello! my name is L.. i have a 16 year old daughter who has been ...

Trying to Get Opinions and Information on the Swine Flu Vaccine

On August 1991, Anthony Principi, Secretary of Veterans Affairs admitted that .... Your Name: (required). Your Email: (required). Your Friends' Emails: ...
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