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4 Year Old Getting an MRI with Anesthesia in Portland , Or

E.M. asks from Portland

Hello moms, My four year old girl is going to get an MRI. As she is pretty young (and they've let us try it without anesthesia first which didn't work :-( she will...


Boy Name...

N.P. asks from Seattle

Just trying to get some suggestions on a boy's name. We have one boy named Elias River. Second boy is due on the 14th of Sept. (yes 11 days!), and still have no name!...


Looking for Inspirational Teen Book...Preferably Christian Themed

E.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I have 2 teenagers that I am Christmas shopping for. (A niece and a nephew)Every year I give them gift cards or cash, but this year, I would like to give...


Picking a Baby Name!

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

Okay, I already typed this post once and then the computer deleted it. Arg! So, to retype the whole thing! Anyway, I recently posted a request for baby names. I w...


And the Battle for a Name for Baby Begins....

M.F. asks from Youngstown

Well we recently found out we are having a girl...I am so excited to have my very own princess! I have three boys already. We argued for months over what to name our ...


Books You Just Loved

K.M. asks from Laredo

I just finished reading the Stieg Larsson books The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the following two yesterday. I have been trying to find a book that looks interes...


Boy Name Suggestions??

S.M. asks from Springfield

I was just wondering if anyone had any unique boy names they wanted to share. I appreciate all suggestions.


Baby Name Ideas

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I can not believe I am asking this but I am due in 2 weeks and still do not have a name for my son. I am hoping maybe some suggestions may help. I have one son now ...


To Have Another Child or Not to Have Another child...advice Please.

M.S. asks from Charleston

I have a question/situation and I really would love some advice. My husband and I have been thinking about having another baby for a couple of years now. There are ...

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