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How to Tell 8 y.o. About Santa...

A.B. asks from Odessa

We are a Christian family that teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, but we also have let them have the fun with Santa. We are debating telling our oldes...


Emotional Wreck

K.W. asks from Cumberland

I am such an emotional wreck right now I need help. I cant take it anymore. I have had the same dream twice now, about my husband cheating on me with someone else...


2 Different People, Same Dream, Same Night...

R.D. asks from Richmond

I had a really vivid, lucid dream last night. It was pretty scary (long story short the river flooded the world sort of thing, and everyone was trying to save their f...



A.L. asks from Houston

Hi. I have not really asked many questions on this site in the past but now is my time. Fellow moms...I am so aggrivated, dissapointed and maybe even a tad bit heart...


One Is Enough for Me

C.F. asks from Pittsburgh

Ever since our daughter was born, people can't seem to keep themselves from asking, "So, when are you having another?" Truth be told, I am 100% happy and content wit...


Overly Maternal Mother-in-law

H.S. asks from Johnson City

I am a stay-at-home mother. My son is 15-months-old, and he is my first child. Ever since my son was born, my MIL has insisted on calling him "her baby"... she some...


Can I Get This Lucky Again?

S.F. asks from Utica

So I know I have a biased opinion because she is my daughter but my child is pretty much the definition of perfect =) She never cried when she was a baby, took to br...


Any Moms of Soldiers in Iraq

C.F. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is in Iraq. Things have gotten hard for her over there. I'm finding myself unable to sleep at night having bad dreams. I'm hoping someone else dealing wit...


Please Help - 5 Year Old Won't Go to Sleep

A.S. asks from Dallas

Please don't answer this if you feel the need to criticize my frustration with my 5 y.o. DS. I have asked a similar question before and got some answers that I didn'...


Sexless Marriage

N.W. asks from Philadelphia

I have been married for 3 months but with my husband for 3 years. We have an 18 month old son together. His conception was the last time we made love. Over 2 years...

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