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HELP! My 9 Year Old Son Is Being Picked on by a Bully

But I know that's not the mature way to deal with this! ..... I think when men get really mad, they are more intimidating that most women. ...

19 Mo Old Going for Speech Evaluation

I took him to the doctor and they said girls do mature faster than boys and not ..... Two women came to my house and did a full scale evaluation including ...

My 14 Year Old Daughter Has a 16 Year Old Boyfriend.

Read all 63 responses: "I have a very mature and responsible freshman daughter ... When we were ready, my parents took us to a Women's Center, which I still ...

Gifted Child Failing

Just as a more mature women's body goes through several chemical changes which causes a sift in the chemical balance of your body. So my suggestion is, ...

Anxiety Problems, Does Anyone Else Suffer from These?

Not to worry tooo very much... what you're going through is pretty common in us more mature women. It's hormones acting nuts, and there IS something you can ...

Is Age an Issue for You?

Im going to be swallow 37 very soon I have a bunch ofyounger women I am ... because I am very mature This was when I was younger I am 36 now The women are ...

15 Year Old Son Is Trying to Control

They also began to mature into seeing women as needing help from men and trying to fulfill that role by looking out for their moms, sisters, girlfriends. ...

Kindergarten in the Fall or Wait

I think it would benefit him to wait a year, so that he is more mature, ...... The women for our school district even said kids do better when they wait, ...

Trying to Get Pregnant

It's a replacement for your natural cervical mucus for women who don't produce a lot of their .... I, too, am a more "mature mom", as I had my son at 39! ...

Egg Donation

... to find if the sacs are mature enough for them to harvest the eggs ... Having been one of the unfortunate women I made a study of how things were done ...
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