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4Th & 1St Grader Struggling in Math

She is finally seeing some success in math. Our schools (Poway USD) also use Everyday math which I hate!! That is definately not helping the problem. ...

How to Help My 8 Year Old with Math

Challenge her with little math problems (questions) and try to build both her interest and confidence. Also, if you have time to look at her school studies, ...

Child Having Problems with Spelling

If at the beginning of second grade he is still having big problems and is headed for a low ... Some people can't do math, and some are horrible at PE. ...

Math Help

Looking at just numbers on a page didn't do it for her, she didn't understand what she was really doing when solved a math problem. ...

Seeking Help with Wasl Testing

It has to do with putting math problems in writing rather than just numbers. My granddaughter uses manipulatives (blocks in various shapes and then writes ...

Subtraction Problems for My 2Nd Grader

We would lay them out on a table and read a math problem like 8-5=3. So then we would take 5 away and eat them or just move them so you could see what was ...

Kids with Learning Problems

Her first son has no problems and is very advanced in all areas. Goes back to the fact that all kids .... school book · math problems · kids math · All Kids ...

Need Advice for School Problems with a 6Yr Old.

Most kids with the learning disorder that my son has are very adept with their hands, are very good at math problems or figuring out problems or puzzles, ...

Sylvan, Kumon, or Neither?

I am looking to get my 4th grader some extra help in Math mostly. I..." ... Getting them to slow down to read problems carefully was terribly difficult. ...

Son in Middle School Still Doesn't Know Mulitplication Tables

I have always had a problem with math. I tested above average in everything, but math was the lowest score. I still have problems with the multiplication ...
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