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Math- Everyday Math Program

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

Is this a good math program for my school?


New Math

C.P. asks from Houston

i do not understand the new math that they are teaching in school. My son is in second grade and they have started adding and subtracting double and triple digits hor...


Pre-algebra Class in 8Th Grade vs Push for Algebra Class So He Can Take Geometry

M.R. asks from Washington DC

My son took 7th grade Math and now is placed in a pre-algebra class based on his Iowa teat and Terra Nova testing. He is an honors student at a parochial school. H...


How Much to Pay a Friend's Daughter to Help My Daughter with Geometry?

C.R. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is needing help with Geometry, and my friend's older daughter is willing to help her. I feel I should compensate her for her time, but I'm unsure how much...


Trying to Study up on Math... BLAH!!!

R.. asks from Chattanooga

So I have made the decision to go to school... finally. YAY!!! lol. But it's been a while since I graduated, and when I took a practice test I found out that I am mis...


Is There a Trick to Understanding Math?

S.M. asks from Kansas City

I've been watching math tutorials anyplace I can get them. I have several places that I can find them online. But I'll be darned if I dread watching them, only unde...


Math Grades/next Year Placement

D.G. asks from Lincoln

My 6th grader has always struggled with Math. She has a D now almost an F. They want to put her in PreAlgebra next year which I question when she is not "getting" m...


Math Mad Minute

C.G. asks from Houston

What do you moms think about the Math Mad Minute? I hate it! My second grader is good at math and likes it, but he just doesn't do well on the mad minute (30 proble...


Middle School Math- What Level

E.K. asks from Boston

My sons middle school breaks the 7th grade kids in two groups for math. 3/5 of the classes are concidered accelerated. 2/5 are a "slower" pace. My son was placed...


"Math U See" or " Right Start " Math Curriculum

A.D. asks from San Francisco

My son ( high functioning autism ) is in special ed (2nd & 3 rd grade combo class . The main reason for special ed is due to his weakness in math. He has improved a b...

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  • basic math concepts in 2 answers "... students who clearly do not have a clear understanding of basic math concepts."
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  • non traditional students in 2 answers "... are straight out of high school, but I do have several non-traditional students ..."
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