maternity leave

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Maternity Leave with No Pay

Sep 10, 2009 ... Read all 29 responses: "how can i go about getting help with my rent, electric, car insurance and car payment while on maternity leave and i ...

Older Child at Home While on Maternity Leave with New Baby?

Read all 8 responses: "I'm wondering what others have done/are doing out there.. .My 2-year-old is currently in daycare 3 days/week. Our daughter is due at ...

Ready for Maternity Leave

Read all 4 responses: "I'm 8 months pregnant and my job requires me to walk around alot. I'm having problems with my hip, so this is a struggle to walk and ...

Maternity Leave

Read all 17 responses: "How long exactly should you take materinty leave? Is it usually 6 weeks for a reason? I do home day care, so I will not have to ...

Wondering When to Take Maternity Leave

Read all 36 responses: "I am a first-time mother at the end of my 8th month. I am still working and am miserable. I think its time for me to go ahead and go ...

Maternity Leave Questions??

Read all 7 responses: "Hi, when I had my twins I got 12 weeks of leave plus I was able to take vacation time and unpaid leave for 1 month to total 4 months ...

Cigna Short-term Disability Insurance for Childbirth/caring for Newborn

I recently quit my job after my maternity leave, I had paid short term ... I know when you are out on maternity leave you do not have to pay back your ...

Postpartum Disability Leave

They should be able to answer all of your questions including the particulars of the maternity leave policy and short term disabilty policy of your employer ...

Maternity Leav

About a month ago my boss asked me to send her my plan for maternity leave. I had requested 12 weeks; she reminded me that we have less then 50 people so ...

Pregnancy and Swine Flu

Oct 24, 2009 ... Are you able to stay home? will that cut into your maternity leave? It's probably best if you stay home, but it may not be possible. ...
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